VER 0.6 .1 (pre-beta)

  • All floor padings bonus function now works.
  • New floor padding pattern for Realm 3.

'Alien Maze' is only a temporary title for this game. 
It will be named 'Alien Step' on official release.

You can control the alien using  mouse click, or directional keys.

The demo has 12 main levels (with extra 3 tutorial levels) & 4 custom levels (total 19 levels) The levels are 'demo-exclusive' and are not final.

The ver 0.9 (official release)  will be released sometime in early October 2019.

*game not optimized for phones.
*directional keys can not work when the alien is inside 'think zone'.

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This game is currently unavailable


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Alien Maze demo 2 has been updated to v0.6.
This will be the final update. :)

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One thing almost forget to mention: when you want to return to game after pressing the spaceship button (menu popup). Press either 1 of the 2 triangular corners.